Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get my project listed on icy.tools?
You don't need to (and you can't, nothing is manual)! Our process in fully automated and ERC721 collections will be picked up on first mint or sale.
If you're having trouble finding your collection, try manually going to:
Why isn't my project showing up?
See the answer above.
To further clarify, OpenSea Shared Storefront collections will not appear at this time.
How can I contribute to icy.tools or submit feedback? Do you have a roadmap?
We aren't a DAO or open-source community, so we don't accept direct contributions.
However, we're always open to feedback and suggestions. Feel free to submit any feature requests or suggestions idea to https://roadmap.icy.tools/. This helps the Icy team keep a log of ideas and prioritize features with the most upvotes.
What chains and marketplaces do you support?
We currently support all ERC721 implementations on Ethereum with support of all major marketplaces and NFT Aggregators.
The full list of supported marketplaces are as follows: OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Gem, Genie, CryptoPunks.
Additional marketplace and blockchain support is constantly being vetted and reviewed if there is significant market traction. Currently we only offer for support for the Ethereum Mainnet.
Is there an API available?
Yes! We're focusing on actively developing an API. See Beta Access for our Developer API and API Reference.