Definitions & Terms

Floor Price
Within, the floor price is the lowest sale within a given timeframe. Floor is also more commonly used in reference to the lowest listing price on a marketplace like OpenSea, for example.
Our floor is slightly different than what you might expect because it's based on sales instead of listings because we pull data from the blockchain where OpenSea listings aren't available. Because of this, floors will appear to lag behind OpenSea listings -- however, we think this is still an accurate representation of a floor price that is based on liquidity.
Circulating Supply
This is the current circulating supply we've calculated for a given collection by summing mints and subtracting any NFTs that have been burned.
Market Cap
Our Market Cap is calculated by floor price multiplied by circulating supply. Review how our Floor Price is calculated to understand why Market Cap may vary depending on the context of the page you're on.