Trending Collections

Real-time trending NFT market insights
Trending will be give you real-time NFT market insights into collections that are selling now. There are no restrictions or differences between Free and Premium users on Trending outside of the ability to set your Period to a lower amount.
The Trending page will update in real-time every time we sync up with the latest confirmed block and Premium users will have access to 1m, 5m, 15m, and 30m Period's to get the latest market data.
Note: The 1-hour Period will still pull in the latest data, it's just aggregated and may not be as useful for making quicker or more educated entries and exits.


  • Floor -> Our floor is slightly different than what you might expect because it's based on sales instead of listings because we pull data from the blockchain where OpenSea listings aren't available. Because of this, floors will appear to lag behind OpenSea listings -- however, we think this is still an accurate representation of a floor price that is based on liquidity.
  • Circulating Supply -> This is the current circulating supply we've calculated for a given collection by summing mints and subtracting any NFTs that have been burned.
  • Average -> The average price over the given Period.
  • Volume -> The total volume over the given Period.
  • Sales -> The total number of sales over the given Period.
  • Market Cap -> The floor price multiplied by circulating supply.