Real-time NFT Insights

All data is updated in real-time and we check for new confirmed transactions every second
We built a powerful, fully automated system for indexing ERC721 NFT transactions (orders, mints, transfers) and relevant data (wallets, ENS, token metadata) to make it easy to view historical data, token provenance, and make the latest NFT market insights easily digestible.

Blockchain Data

The bulk of our data comes straight from the blockchain, synced within seconds of new transaction confirmations. We only use OpenSea's API for populating collection metadata so we don't rely on third parties for market data in the case of breaking API changes, downtime, or revoked access.
As mentioned above, we poll for new block confirmations every second and index any new orders, mints, and transfers that happened for ERC721 tokens during the new block(s). Additionally, we've backfilled our data back to January 1st, 2020 -- with plans to backfill earlier when we start providing more API services.
Syncing full history not only gives us the ability to see the both historical and current mint and sales data, but also know the history of any wallet or token which we use for Portfolio data.

Real-time Data

As you've probably seen repeated a dozen times now, we use a combination of pushing and pulling data in real-time as soon as we sync new blocks to keep all the data you see on up to date.

Marketplace Support

We currently support OpenSea (including Genie & sweeps), LooksRare and CryptoPunk marketplaces. We're closely monitoring volume on other marketplaces and can quickly add more support when the market demands it.

Multi-Chain Support

We absolutely have plans to add Layer 2 EVM support as well as support for other chains like Solana on our roadmap.