Minting Now

Discover the latest NFTs minting now
Discover will be your bread and butter if you want to catch the latest NFT collection drops without relying on public announcements or calendars. Our system monitors the blockchain for all ERC721 mints and will show you aggregate stats in real-time within seconds of transaction confirmation.
First mint date, All Time mints, and Unique Minters can help you get a quick understanding of whether or not you may want to Ape into a project! For example, a higher percent of unique minters typically indicates a healthier community.
Additionally, Premium users will have access to real-time updates of pending mints for collections. This can be useful for seeing demand.
Important Note: We remove mints that are sent to a wallet from a different address -- this is a common marketing tactic that projects can use to artificially make it look like influencers and whales are minting their project, so we don't count these as true mints.

Mint Alerts

With Premium you can set up Mint Alerts right in the browser to receive customizable notifications.