Market Insight Watchlists

TradingView for NFTs? Yes, please.
Premium Feature: Watchlists are only available with a Premium subscription.
Real-time NFT watchlists with market stats and a real-time feed of orders and mints.
If you're trying to take your trading to the next level, Watchlists are the perfect second monitor tool to keep up so you can monitor the collections and wallets that you're interested in in real-time. Add as many Watchlists as you want with up to 20 addresses in each.
For collections, Watchlist floors are based on the most recent 25 transactions, with volume and sales numbers based on the selected Period. And for wallets, you'll see Mints, Buys, and Sells for the selected Period.
Once a Watchlist is built, you'll see a real-time feed of orders and mints. If you want fast access to charts and historical data, simply click an item in your Watchlist:
See more info on charts on Insights & Visualizations
Setup your first Watchlist at or click Add to Watchlist from any collection page. Here's some popular collections that can get you started: