Rarities & Token Data

View token data in context with transaction history and get rarity info for any token
Free & Premium Feature: Token attributes and metadata are available for anyone to see. Rarity scores and rankings will require a Premium subscription.

Token Breakdown for ERC721 Tokens

We sync all standard ERC721 contract token metadata as soon as it comes across our system and can ingest full collections of 10,000 tokens in under 2 minutes. All tokens currently show attribute rarity and we'll be adding collection level rarity rankings in the near future!
Want to get the jump on a reveal? Ping us in our Discord server and we can re-sync metadata as soon as the reveal happens so you can beat the crowd and potentially snipe rares from OpenSea.
View all tokens + attribute rarity, filter by attribute or owner

In-context Token Data

If you see purple Token text on a transaction, you can click it to see more information on the token, including attribute rarity where available.
Any transaction with purple Token text can be clicked to see a full view